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Across the borders of an empty life

You met the bottom line

Dove into obedience it's not controlled by mind

Sleepless nights and days of fear

An endless fire burns

Through a disguise of happiness

The end now makes sense

Down on the floor, right on the wall even beneath the ground

Attempt to hide from all the pain silence sounds so loud

Blurry brain and empty eyes nothing can be clear

You hear the voice inside your soul

Welcome, he's near

The white wizard

Beware the white wizard

Living in the truth of lies, no walls to keep you in

Prison is the mind, slowly demised, temptation and desire freak within

Watching life passing by, like trapped inside a trench

Bombs of habit, blow inner self, raging against

High hopes, no return, this is a bitter end

Relentless, irrelevant, pain when you lay bend

A week of shadows, a shadowed day, climbing on a thread

Coming back, nightmare ends, despise the undead

Back and forth from illusion to reality

Can't define any pieces of mortality

No more hope no more dope to face the seeds of death

Light fades life shades behold your final breath

Suicidal Angels - White Wizard – текст

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