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Let's welcome back the champion

I hope you brought a witness

Record his final moments while I melt this ice princess

The hardest ninja to have ever been resurrected

Forged in the fires of hell, so I'm perfected

Your flow is sub-par, it's rented, it's a sublet

But rapping can't be taught

So I suggest a different subject

I'm number one

That's why that chip is on your shoulder

The day you beat me is the day that hell freezes over

Hell freezing over?

Don't mind if I do

Let's not forget who murdered who

I am the first, a blood blue

You're a Disney sequel: Frozen 2

I'll put your flow on ice

I'm twice as nice as you will ever be

And here's some sound advice

You'll pay the price when stepping up to me

Temperature is dropping

My flow is simply too cold

Verbal and in Kombat, your losses here are two-fold

I'm far above the tournament

Like a bondurant, I'm lawless

You never stood a chance, 'Cuz all my victories are flawless

Wait, you want a flawless victory?

You picked the wrong opponent

I'll hit you with Ninjutsu

That shit stings, don't it?

Get over here, chump

I like to do my killing closely

I'm undefeated

I've poisoned all my foes

This is fire meeting ice, we all know how this story goes

You look a little chilly

Let's get this guy a thick coat

When I drown you with this flow, we'll see if it makes a bitch float

OK, I see you want the finish

So death wish granted

I hear your hallowed breaths, yet my feet are firmly planted

Ice blast your ass

It'll be a cold demise

And end it with my trademark, and rip you from your spine

You face annihilation

This isn't a deception

But clearly you're delusional to think you've reached perfection

The cyromancer killer

I'm so frosty, it's reality

This loss was more than fatal

No, this was a brutality.

Sub Zero и Scorpion - The infinite source – текст

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