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You should take the cross off your neck and pray to Jesus

I'm breakin' every rapper up like eighty pieces

I done sat in the cell and stared at the wall

And I'm swearin' to God I air all y'all

I live by the sword or the pistols

Summertime I'm outside with niggaz with pitbulls

I don't smoke the haze if it ain't got the crystals

Look in my eyes you can tell I would lift you

I'm in the DB nine when I'm comin' to get you

I'm with my Arab man and he holdin' the missiles

I'm sayin' fuck all y'all

If you don't understand let me make it real clear I'm sayin' what to all y'all

No more videos or them silly hos ridin' on y'all dick when I cut all y'all

The game too pussy I think it need change

I wanna see the barrel flame 'til they brains get mushy

East Coast Ghost

Ain't no other rapper in the game that you know that plays the streets so close

Still bring pain

Fire more shots than y'all motherfuckers do in that Max Payne game

Anybody front I'm knockin' 'em out D blockin' 'em out

That mean I'ma snatch his chain

Styles P и Talib Kweli - Buck 'Em Down Freestyle – текст

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