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Five minutes 'til the curtain goes up

And how I hate myself for thinking of you

So in the past, but the memory lasts

Of how you hated everything that I'd do

You never paid attention

To dreams I'd mention

You'd just go out your way to simply ignore

You'd say you're never gonna make it

Bring your feet back down to the floor

...But no more...


Now my band is playing

I hear you saying

"Ain't that the girl that I use to know?

My fans are screaming, no I'm not dreaming

Now I don't search for your face in my sold out crowd anymore

Oh Oh

Oh yeah

Yeah that's my song on the radio

Now that I'm flying you'll be the one that's saying

"Ain't that the girl I used to know?

So it off

Yeah I'm ready to rock

There's no place on earth that I'd rather be oohh ooh ooh ohh

Center stage and the band starts to play

And the entire world is feeling the heat

But I don't feel like pressure

It's so familiar

I ran this scene a million times in my head

I took the pain you caused me and I put it in a song instead, instead



You want your name on the back stage listed?

You really think I would?

You made me laugh whatcha' thinking about?

Security will just show you the way out

Stefanie Scott - Girl I Used To Know – текст

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