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From the minute that I met here she was different than the rest

But I didn't hear her talking I was staring at her chest

And I wish I would have listened 'cause I think I might have seen the signs

Now it's been a couple months and I can't take another word

She's been pushing every button she's been working every nerve

I've got something she can swallow it sure as hell's not my pride


And I know it's just a waste of time

Soon I'm gonna run out of lies

She'll just have to hear the truth instead

Everyday I'm gonna make her cry

Till the minute that we said goodbye

I'm gonna make her wish... she was dead

I used to hang out with my homies gettin stupid every night

Till I met her and she chained me up to keep me out of sight

I got to get away from her I think I'm running out of time

'Cause I think I'm gonna die whenever she's behind the wheel

And it drives me up the wall when she asks me how I feel

I don't really want to talk so I tell her that I'm doing fine

There's got to be a way that I can get it through her head


I'm going crazy and she won't let me go

The lease gets tighter every day

Already told her she's Miss Right Now

But I wish she was Miss Yesterday

[Chorus x2]

SR-71 - She was dead – текст

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