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Sometimes I see some things that I shouldn't see;

simple patterns that are sitting right in front of me

Try to climb ever higher

try to get to the sky

and though I've been to the clouds

it's just a temporary high

Take time, I said now what you're trying to do,

if you're gonna see it through

it takes time

I said it takes some time to figure it out

Stay in line

But how do you follow it and cross it at the same time?

You just can't cross it

oh, no

I don't wanna say the things I have to say

who's to say that I'll ever say them at all?

Gotta be that, gotta get it with that act

Gotta wear the hat although it's all a mismatch

Squared circles, ran around the hurdles

I did everything, I thought there was a purpose?

Can somebody show me how to get in?

'Cause I can't figure out how to get in.

Can somebody show me?

I can't see in The Dark

Can somebody take me?

I can't stay in The Dark?

Will you Illuminate me on out of

The Dark?

Turning pages, turning corners,

turning into another

Turning into a song that's just like

every other

They say to get there

you already have to be there to start

How do you get there when you know it's what you need

in your heart?

Simon Curtis - The dark – текст

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