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I was a fool for your love from the moment I saw you

Like a vision in the darkness of a 1000 lost and lonely nights

But my heart threw away the key

I was blind as a man could be

Oh baby can't you help me see the light

I stand accused I'm in league with the forces of darkness

An incurable believer in the magic of the midnight sky

And the love that I found today

Oh I can't let it slip away

Oh darlin' can't you read between the lines

(repeat chorus)

Deanie, love is all there is

I don't wanna lose it

I don't wanna let this feelin' go

If it's here within our reach

I think we should use it

Now while we got the love

Still let it show oh

Hey, Deanie, won't you come out tonight;

The stars a dancin' like diamonds in the moonlight

And we can never find a better time to fall in love

Hey, Deanie, won't you come out tonight

The summer's waitin' the moon is shinin' so bright

Hey, Deanie, you're the one I'm dreamin' of

Hey, Deanie, you're the one I'm dreamin' of

Won't you come out tonight

You're the one that I'm dreamin' of

I'm a fool for your lovin'

Won't you come out, come out tonight

Shaun Cassidy - Hey Deanie – текст

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