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What do you see depends of what you are looking for and what are you looking for, needs to be believed.

It needs to exist in your head, you need to believe to disbelief.

What do you see depends on the idea planted in your mind, what type of seeds have been planted?

What do you believe depends on what you see!

Diversions are blocking our vision from the truth, the clear reality

Diversions turn our world to shit must stop. Deny!

No Gods, no leaders, no prophets telling my future!

No heaven, no hell, not a messiah!

The needle of our medicine injecting poison vaccines

Our veins no longer carry blood – robotized – I deny!

No news, no ads, no anchor telling us lies

No secrets, no war, there’s no savior!

It’s the age of the atheist!

All your senses – eyes wide open

It’s the age of the atheist!

Sepultura - The Age Of The Atheist – текст

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