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I got a house, but I need new furniture,

Why spend mine when I could spend yours

The truth is I will love you the same

But why complain you buying gucci babe

[Verse 1]

You might see me in the spot

Ya boy think I'm hot

So I came up in here to get what you got

I'm hot like the block

Ugh Huh you like that

know you wanna bite that

Ugh Huh yea right there

They love the young girl

They wanna give it to me

Wish I was in a flick

And I ain't talking movies

If ya young,if ya hot girl

Shake what ya got girl

I keep 'em singing...


Lemme hit that (Huh?)

(Justin What you got up in them jeans? Put it on me, or get lonely)

Lemme get that (Huh?)

(Rihanna You know, 5 car garages, name on your bank account, all day massages)

Lemme hit that (Huh?)

(Justin I wanna put it on blast)

Lemme get that (Huh?)

(Rihanna Better slow down, for I make you crash boy)

Got what you want

Baby got what you need,

But we can't proceed

Unless you got that for me


[Verse 2]

I'm a put you on the spot

keep the sheet in knots

I bought me a benz,

You buy me the yacht

A girl need a lot,

The girl need some stocks

Bonds is what I got, bonds is what I got (ya get it?)

They love the young girl

They wanna give it to me

Wish I was in a flick,

and I ain't talking movies

If ya young, if ya hot girl

Shake what ya got girl

I keep em singing...





Boy I know you want my love


Nothing is free in this world


Unless my love is your love


I'm not a gold digger



Rihanna - Lemme Get That – текст

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