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Do to me

Drive me crazy

Wont you set me free

You think I'm stupid

Thought you were the cupid that hooked us up

Baby you make me cry

Make me cry

Stay all night

And I'll sleep all day

Don't know how to explain it

But you wrote down my name baby

What you do to me

Do to me baby (ohh)

I found real love since I've meet you

Think I'm crazy

No I'm not a fool

You think your cool

You think your cool baby

You think your cool

But I love you

Love you

I don't know what you mean to me

You drive me crazy I dont know what to see

I dont know what you do to me baby

So I love you

I've been hearing some wierd shit

That your with some other stupid bitch

She doesn't even compare to me

Baby you'll be so sorry

I'm Paris Hilton

Your gonna mess it up

I'm not gonna be embaressed

I don't know what to do

Baby I walk in the club and all of your boys are stairing at me

I dont know what to do

You think that they are your real friends

But soon as you lose me they will be on me

Baby you'll be sorry

So sorry cause you lost me

I dont know what to do

Baby I think I love you

Oh staying up all night

Up all night

I'm staying up all night

I'm thinking of you

Waiting for you to call my phone

I'm at home

Waiting for you

What am I gonna do?

Why do I care so much about you?

You abuse me

Abuse me

And use me

Why do you do this to me

I will be the best girl you ever see

And you'll be sorry you lost me

Why are you doing this to me

I dont know why I care

Dont know why I care

Ohh baby

I dont know what it is about you

But I know its true

Were soul mates

This faith

Its faith and I dont know why your messin' it up

I dont know what you do to me

I cant explaine what your feeling

Stay up all night

Cry all night long

And think of you

Waiting for your call

Waiting for your call

And you don't call

And I was at home cryin' all alone

You dont care what I'm thinkin' of

I dont know why I care so much about you

Cause you dont care

Maybe you do

Your just so scared you think I'm gonna hurt you

I wont hurt you baby

I'm not gonna hurt you baby

I just want you

And you want me

I know it

You show it

Why we playin' these games

So what is it the fortune or fame

What do you care

Who cares

I love you and you love me

I know you wanna be with me

I dont believe the rumors

Theres so many rumors

I dont know what to do yea ohh

I dont believe this shit

Believe this shit

Cause you love me and I love you

I cant explaine what you do to me


Your so sexy

I'm so sexy

Your sexy

You little baby

What you do

This to me

I cant explaine what you make me feel

Oh baby

You set me free dont mess it up

Dont mess it up

Cause you'll be sorry

You'll be sorry

Oh why dont we just be together

Together forever

Fuck all these other girls

They dont mean anything

You mean it to me

You dont know what you do to me

You make me feel so sexy

I know you love me

And I love you too

Dont act like a fool because you love me

Cause you want me

Wont you show it

Show it cause you know what you do

Dont act like a fool

I love it

I love it

I want you and you want me

So why dont you set it free

Oh yea

Oh yea

Oh yea

You make me feel so sexy

You wont

You wont

Need those girls

I'll be the girl

Of your dreams baby


You dont know me

But you really know me

Cause I'm Paris the herris dont be embaressed you'll be sorry I drove a ferarrie

I were parada that girl she cant aford fersoche I dont care about the money but I know what I'm sayin'

And I wanna be with you

You with me

Oh it'll be so sexy

Oh you be so sexy

You can have me

I'll be with you

I'll be true

You'll never feel so blue

Oh you dont know what your doing

Dont mess it up

Cause you'll be foolin' yourself

I know

I know what I'm thinkin' of is you and me

The family

I'm walking

Walking in to the club

I really dont give a fuck

Cause I know I am the best girl you'll ever see so

Fuck you too

Paris Hilton - What You Do To Me – текст

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