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Another B.cox joint

Uh! Uh! Uh!






Y'know this feels good right now


I'm just tryin ta...let off some steam

[B. Cox:]

Let's go

[Nicole: sung]

It's a Friday, the clock is moving way to slow (uh- ah- uh)

Can't wait to get out the door (uh- ah- uh)

And get my move down (my move my move my move my move....)

(uh- ah- uh)

Got all my girls with me (uh- ah- uh)

Just want a little more privacy (uh- ah- uh)

I'm in my groove now (I'm in my ....)

All we want to do is just...


Just let of some steam, steam... (Uh, I wanna)

let off some steam.. steam (Just wanna)

let off some steam.. steam (I wanna.. steam)

let off some steam

let off some steam

(uh- ah- uh)

Movin' like it's gonna be the last time I got out

(uh- ah- uh)

So I don't got a care as the DJ brings the beat down (lovin it back)

(uh- ah- uh)

I bet I'll make you lose your feet

(uh- ah- uh)

So in motion when you're up against me

(uh- ah- uh)

I'm in my groove now (I'm in my groove now...)

All we wanna do is just....


When I'm on the floor...

The music takes over...

I'll go somewhere...

Somewhere far from,

everyone and everything

This is where I need to be

Sometimes I just wanna

Break free and let of some...

Steam (steam... steam... steam...)

Steam (steam... steam... steam...)

Nicole Scherzinger - Steam – текст

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