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I've seen a man cry, I've seen a man die inside

I've seen him say to me that he is only mine

That he gotta do what is best for him

Never let me in, not even begin

To tell me I'm the one under his moon and sun

That I am the thing that revolves around him

But while on top of him I know what's best for him

I'll show him how to win and let me in 'cause


I don't wanna be your baby girl

I don't wanna be your little pearl

I just wanna be what's best for me

To be winding down with my own star under my own sun

We're all sorry now, I didn't mean to wow

Make you cry like that, it's just a little spat

Still I want you to know, though I love you so

It's mostly me dreaming, forcing, believing

That you're an ideal, hell I never steal

But I stole you from, from another one

So take yourself and wrap around my little finger

'cause that's how it should swing


Why can't he see, why can't he see what's inside of me, yeah...

don't you, don't you call me coochie-coo a little girl, now...

don't you gaga goo no coochie-coo girl now I'm so much more,

can't you see? Can't you see?

Look who's writing now a token of their love

Can't you see love that it's just because

I wanted a cheap way to get inside your head

And not a cheap way to get inside your bed

Oh you're running now, with that silly one

It's all over now, this woman's just begun

Maybe we'll see about the will and the way

Butterflies return some day


Nelly Furtado - Baby Girl – текст

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