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Your hands hold the small of my back

My body reacts yeah

You know just what I need and where to be (your hands)

Lead the way, I'll follow you wherever you lay

'Cause here up high, here we fly together you and I

Oh why must you lead me on if I'm want you want just say it

Don't lie.

Here's my heart now don't you break it baby

I'll leave it here in your hands

Said my heart I leave it here in your hands

My broken heart I leave in your hands

I leave it here in your hands

Don't you break it baby

Kiss here on my lips I've never felt like this

I let down my guard and then I fall for you

Here my cry, I'm yearning for you deep inside

Let me reach for the stars, be where you are

All we can do is try baby

Baby you do anything to satisfy me baby

And I will give you anything you need

Baby when you touch me there with your hands

I love it when you touch me baby (your hands)

Caress me up and down make me say (your hands)

I leave my love your hands

My love, my soul

I leave my broken heart in your hands

So baby wont you save me

My love I leave it in your hands baby

Marsha Ambrosius - Your Hands – текст

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