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[Intro: Lil Wayne]

Drop that coke in that hot water

And tell that bitch to hold her nose

Her name Tunechi Bitch

First name Tunechi, last name Bitch

It ain't no bitch, bitch

But it's Tunechi bitch

And right now, I'm here checkin' in for the mothafuckin' appreciation

Who the fuck is Stevie J?

If you don't know by now, you mothafuckas stupid, nigga

Fuck wrong with you?

LIV on Sundays

And money every mothafuckin' day, nigga

[Hook: Hood]x2

Man I'm richer than a bitch, ho, you must think I'm lyin'

Wake up, gotta get dough, you must think I'm lyin'

Got my jeweler fuckin' with me heavy, you must think I'm lyin'

You 'on't want it, you ain't really ready, you must think I'm lyin'

[Verse 1: Hood]

Big homie droppin' off the torch, I'm smokin' out the Porsche

Real life, street nigga, made a million off the court

I don't even fuckin' hoop, I can really run and shoot

Ho you know I give and go, I can really duck and move

Homie call Pusha T, ask him what's the bookin' fee

I don't need a fuckin' show, hit my kitchen, cook a ki

She say "Thank you", I say "Please, all this coke, you still want cheese?"

All that dope stuck in your nose, and you still gon' charge a G?

Ho you know it's so HB, we got the game like KBC

Gave the profit to my mom, I've been bumpin' Tracy T

I've been leanin', I've been fienin', I've been prayin' for my demons

You must think I'm lyin', I spent a hundred thou this evenin'

[Hook: Hood]x2

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]

I got some niggas in this bitch that got some niggas in this bitch

Mean muggin' like we suckin' on a lemon in this bitch

I'ma ball even if I fail my physical and shit

And I'm all about my digits, goin' digital and shit

Jumpin' on the couch until I'm short winded in this bitch

Don't judge a book by it's cover, start schemin' at you, bitch

Where my niggas that be poppin' them prescriptions? You ain't sick

Where my bitches that be fuckin' for that money? You ain't shit

And yo bitch don't make no tips, and that sip don't make me itch

My bitch always think I'm lyin', I said I don't, she said "Since when?"

I'm a dog like Rin Tin Tin, fuck y'all niggas, y'all some hoes

Don’t trust y’all niggas, talk in code, don’t walk, I stroll, don’t walk, I drove

So park my Rolls, don't spark, I glow, avoid my woes, I brought my bros

But that nina always workin', cause I can't fuck with the part-time hoes

My bitch pussy multipurposes, cause it take dick and hold my dope

Drop that coke in that hot water and tell that bitch to hold her nose

[Hook: Hood]x2

[Verse 3: Tyga]

10 mil' just last year, you must think I'm lyin', ho

I make cash, don't break even, I overlap your payroll

Straight to the point like Bledsoe, fuck that, I take the foul

Settle out, no time for trial, my lawyer's with me, better call Saul

First round draft pick, my lifestyle need a contract

I'm Bo Jack in Egypt, that Wraith smell like reefer

Who that, nigga? I beat them, like Redman, I'll be dat

187, no drill team, get drill bit

I pull up my shit to these niggas and flaunt, I'm the nigga she want

I got all the shit that she want, T-Raw her boss, Trell got a mil in a vault

I'm just bein' honest, oh you must think I'm lyin'

I'm not just an owner, baby, I'm also a client

[Hook: Hood]x2

Lil' Wayne и Tyga - Think I'm Lyin' – текст

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