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Let you know something about me

I'm a Southern boy! Know what I'm talking about?

[Hook - Ned Cameron]

I remember all the days stuck in December

Caught in the rain, all the pain, having no money come my way

But now I'm making money even when I sleep

Eyes wide awake, but I really need a dream

We hustle, hustle

[Verse 1]

I go by Weezy, baby

So call me "Lil Weasel"

My city is New Orleans

Baby, my street is Eagle

And that's my nigga's ?

He like to break a piece

He got the gun, I got the rope, my nigga pick a tree

Ain't talking money, I let the nickel speak

Niggas think I'm cheap, you ain't gon ? to me

The only thing to be: a picture on your shirt

No homo: I put your dick in the dirt

Flip em like a shovel with that wrist work

I stop ya, heard? I keep em coming like clockwork

J cool with the jump, it's an outburst

And we gon be from South Philly til the South dirt

Bad bitch let me get all the outskirts

It's lil Weezy, yeah ?

This ain't a concert, this ain't a ?

This an outburst, so hear the shot burst:

[Hook - Ned Cameron]

Every hustle, we hustle, hustle - hey!

[Verse 2 - Kid Ink]

Straight from the bottom, now I'm high as a mountain

From the city where you need way more protection than a condom

Had a dream but I'm conscious, see the veins in my sockets

In the sky, wishing I could turn this plane into a rocket

And just leave here, more money but the problems still live here

I feel the pressure from my lil peers

Cause I'm about to blow, Swisher Sweet breathe in

One hit, lose your breath, all I do is (breathe) win

Big fish swimming in the deep end

No present, fuck I'm into pretense

I remember rainfall in the street

Now I'm in the club: watch me make this bitch precipitate

I promised to myself I would be the best

You could say I'm crazy or a mess

Just hand me a wrench

And it's nothing you can tell a ho

Life is just a bitch, I'll forgive her but I'll never forget

Lil' Wayne и Kid Ink - When I Sleep – текст

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