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So here we both stand after so long apart

Want to let go, but you're still in my heart

Should I give in to what's on my mind?

Should I just surrender, let fate decide?

Cos I don't wanna let you down

No I don't wanna let you down

Do you still remember, the laughter and tears

Who would have thought, the memories would last all those years

And I never gave in, I believe that somehow (yeah yeah)

That you're the one who really knew me

Do you know me now?

Cos I don't wanna let you down

(Don't wanna let you down)

No I don't wanna let you down

Sometimes my mind runs away

And I need your guidance here tonight – Oh

Sometimes, help me find the way to love

To finally love again (to finally love again)

Here we are together I'm trembling inside

But do I keep the memories safe in my mind?

There's a chance to stop the sorrow

There's so much to loose

Are you gonna be the one to show me babe...

The road I must choose

Cos I don't wanna let you down

No I don't wanna let you down

Noo... don't wanna let you down

Lee Ryan - I Don't Wanna Let You Down – текст

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