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My nigga got a pint now I'm pulling up on the west end

Face card digital, challenger with that FN

Situation Critical calibers got the step in

They get out of jail, no answers, you getting left in

I just pull up outside in a foreign in this bitch

I ain't got on no designer, women swarming in this bitch

My eyes are squeezed like I'm foreign in this bitch

IDGT ain't no snoring in this bitch (go)

Breadwinner team (go) breadwinner team (go) Breadwinner team no surrender no retreat x2

Now watch the way how i dance while i thumb through to pants

Selling rocks in my trap got bookoo racks in my pants

In the bottom (holy up) what up mane shout out to Lil Vance

On the phone with Jason keep it gangster know how we be playing

If you like em you can fuck em too, you know he don't be caring

I used to fuck with shorty tough i gave her to my daddy

Kept it real when we was coming up you need something get at me

I broke up with her for Nico i pull up on oliana

B-Bitch Im turning up in foreign caught a jug in alabama

Pena telling me she pregnant for some nigga out in (?)

I got family across the water, we all the way retawdid

We got ankles we got horses, what i meant to say was rarri's

And i you wanna fly to the other side of the country

Getting brain on a private jet when I'm steady running to the money

Thuggin out my mind all i see is dollar signs

And everybody watching when the whips pass by

Now watch the watch i dance while i thumb through the pants

Selling rocks in my trap got bookoo racks in my pants

I got family across the water, we all the way retawdid

We got acres we got horses, what i meant to say was roar's

It ain't shit to get a hoe, i got mac dre flo

Why you fuckin with a square I'm a certified player

When i rock louie vuittonpeople stop and stare

Vellanesean markets and the gucci love affair

When i talk my diamond square, i got every pair

If its something new by gucci I'm completely un aware

Hold up, thats my dawg, had to show him bean ball

Had to fold him beefin with the home team

Watch i act like i don't know em

Panoramic roof inside the coop i could look up and talk to god

Getting brains looking at the stars, i say thank you lord

Its on everything its like a dealership in my garage

Step inside the car and we take off and go to mars

Smoking satellites, loaded with them bars

Prison life in prescription i go hard behind the bars

Pack got a runner running back

Macoroni throwing it in the hamper

College life star running back

Step team swaggin on the campus

Im a fly nigga button down

Collared shirts and designer fabrics

Fuck it baby maybe i ain't flashy

Bus it baby steady be harassing

Slap her ass who the fuck you sassin

Tell her friends girl you fuckin nasty

Cut her with the pistol and assassin

Jumping out the window with the ratchet

Soccer player kicking it with samsung

She the truth making it a example

Won't forget i done been embarrassed

Dub show i done been to dallas

In a ten and something that was average

Baby daddy playing for the mavericks

People saying Kevin stop demanding

I don't know couple stubborn habits

Money level jumping acrobatics

Band camp swimming with lil daddy

Meant to say diving in the ship

In a state flying with a brick

Copping with a iron in the clip

Face card buy me a (?)

Send it back wrapped suram

Vacuum seal trailer with the wheel

Hate the way I'm playing in the field

Taylor made standing foreal

Dress code orange all in one

All white coming with the straps

Novel reading skimming through the pages

Modulating contemplating things

Uh uh but you complicating things

Know he jealous in his heart he timid

Tell a pussy nigga mind his business

Start a fight he wouldn't start a engine

Sleep him he could argue with the fishes

No retreat and never no surrender

Excellent whatever you can mention

Beautiful creative ingenuity

Barnes and nobel show full with extensions

Women with it got to pay attention

(i don't know what I'm doing)

Not a love but loving in your position

Push button switching to position

Love my self, people say I'm picky

Other partner don't believe in tricking

Down south nigga thinking different

One of mine nigga imma get it

Breadwinner stick it to the mission

One god this is my religion

(i don't know what the fuck the world

Coming too. Gates got every nigga in the game talking about they eat booty

You know, eating booty and (what other shit that nigga do?) sag

His pants and cell phones, and getting money and all the lil bitch ass shit

Man that ain't no real nigga shit that nigga be doing man that nigga bitch man

I wouldn't tell him that to his face, but he is a bitch. yeah that the last

Straight up. you know imma say it behind his back, when he come i ain't gonna say nothing

But when he leave its fuck him again, and you know how that go, you know

Kevin Gates - Tattoo Session – текст

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