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[Intro: sample from Kanye West's "Pinocchio Story"]

"Do you really have the stamina?

For everybody that sees you that say, 'Where's my camera?'

For everybody that sees you, to say sign a autograph

For everybody that sees you cry, and say you oughta laugh

You oughta laugh!"

[Chorus: Kanye West sample (B.o.B)]

"Do you really have the stamina?"

(Do you have the stamina)

"For everybody that sees you that say, 'Where's my camera?'"

(Where's my camera)

"For everybody that sees you, to say sign a autograph"

(Sign an autograph)

"For everybody that sees you cry, and say you oughta laugh"

(You oughta laugh) "You oughta laugh!"

[Verse 1: B.o.B.]

Well, posing for pictures and living on a poster

The hardest thing for me is to keep my compsure

I ain't always happy, and I ain't always sad

But when the spotlight is on, you have to handle the task

And even the people who swear they love so bad

A go and put your dirty laundry on the cover of mags

Then everyone sees it and gets a good laugh

And now your whole persona is just a thing of the past

Now, when people see they ignore all the pain

They only think about the rumors and mistakes you made

So that's why I don't read all the comments on the blogs

Everybody's a fan if you boo or applaud

Now give me your energy, even if you're my enemy

Or trying to be friends with me, aggressively or timidly

Put my next to anyone in this industry

You still will never find someone that's in my league


[Verse 2: B.o.B.]

Celebrity this, celeberity that

Reality TV fiends addicted like crack and smack

My business is rap, and my business is politicing with that

And then my business is put on the map

Yeah, the bigger I get, the better the hat

The bttter the slacks, the better the shirts, the more I adapt

The more you pay attention to my sentences

The more you'll realize why I'm a lyrcist

And why I sacrifice my time for this experience

And why my album still isn't in your speakers yet

You think you know me now, and you ain't even seen me yet

Well, except maybe on your TV set

Bring the bridge

[Instrumental Break]

[Scratched:] "Bring the bridge"


Kanye West и B.o.B - Do You Have The Stamina – текст

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