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We play for the broken ones

I sing for the lonely

When life brings you sorrow and cold

You're not gonna be the only... no

The song is our hideaway

where dreams can stay

Push your body of flesh and bone

Working the spirit home

traveling on your own

Make your way in this danger zone

Live for today

cause tomorrow may never come

Rev on ooh rev on

Down the long black road

So don't you wait till it's all too late

You have to speed up your engine

If you delay and take the easy way

There'll be no peace at the ending... no

The price that we have to pay for yesterday

Black heart carry your heavy load

We're striving under the sun

sharing the darkest run

Running with shadows until we're done

Together we fight till the end of the light

Rev on come on rev it along

we're heading on home

We're going home

Ooh The power of rock and roll will take control... yeah

The music will shine like gold

It's in my soul

I'm not that far away from you

Together we stand every woman and man

Worlds apart but we'll make it through

Like partners in crime rocking out of our time

Rev on come on rev on

It's a big black road

Got to rev on

Come on rev it along we're heading on home

Jorn - Rev On – текст

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