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It's time to rock the hour

My time to be a king

This place of sign and wonder

It doesn't mean a thing

I'll grow my own religion

In fire I will stand

And be a legend man

Oh yes I can

This heart is like a wasteland

It's open to the wind

And I don't have a game plan

But still I play to win

I'll write my vision future

I'll carve my name in stone

A legend makes his throne

Looking out of my black

Straight into the sun

Burning demons in my brain again

In the flame of the spotlight

I call for the moon night

Living for the magic to the end

Rise up you broken warrior

Use power from the real

Break down your wall of silence

I know the truth you feel

Unscrew your pain and scream it

Dig out the dream you saw

The liar stands in awe

Staring out from the black

your eyes on the sun

Blinded angel you must try again

In the heat of the daylight

You long for the midnight

Calling for the magic till the end

Stumbling around in my black

got nowhere to run

Burning in the shadow to the end

Gonna bring some thunder

Rock you down and under

Like a speed train to your brain again

Fight your lonely war

One life then never more

Another legend will be born again

In the ray of the spotlight

He calls in the moon night

Living with the magic to the end

Jorn - Legend Man – текст

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