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There's no light in my darkness only black

Nothing blue with this sadness only black

found no soul in the heartless only black

I’ve tried to keep the light and fire but then black

Walk alone with your loneliness in the dark

Nothing new with this senselessness

But we must try to live again

The secret of time it will return

Someday a new world will learn the reason why

Turning your life as it burns

losing dreams in the fire

But dreams are made to change

And make us rearrange

Don't ever look back... no no

Just carry the black

In the day as I learned my way it went black

But I've been growing soul from sorrow

now the feeling's back

God must be dead the sun is dying it's coming black

Pray that the heart will break gently when

We fade from this life my friend in the dark

No more lies bring us down again

In the darkness

Let us dream till we reach the end

Far away far away

Lonely pain will be born again

So learn to race it like a man... yeah

Showers of rain will wash away

Leaving the pain to die to fade again

Promises led me astray

Burning my wings of desire

The crying wind will blow

To dry the tears I know

Can never go back... no

Got to carry the black... yeah

Down this one way track

Ooh can never go back... no no

Got to carry the black... yeah

In this endless tragedy

Till the end we have to be

and carry the black... ooh

Jorn - Carry The Black – текст

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