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Wassup, in your world?

And are you still coolin' with that lame girl?

I ain't hatin', it don't matter though

I kept it cool, but you made me wanna slap a ho

I look good, what does she have?

I was down, no knee pads

Look, this kinda sound like a poem

If you relate then point 'em out if you know 'em

Hey, boy hush that, I remembered you were riding on your mustache

You was hanging so hard, you nearly lost that

Little trick you like to do, yeah I taught that


I got a brand new man and a brand new place

Glad you called, thought you coulda had that space

I'm alright, and imma play it cool

I can't cook, but I made a plate for you

You wanted something more, than what we had

What's up with her? She ain't all that

I'm not trippin' on what coulda been

I know it's kinda weird, I'm just askin'

Just askin'

I know it's kinda weird, I'm just askin'

[Verse 2:]

I just happened

To run into you and I noticed your reaction

You couldn't say shit, I read your caption

She a one-hit wonder, and you missin' my classics

Damn that's tragic

I would hate to be you

To tell the truth, she could never be me

I got a new man, with a few new bands

Give me what I want, and he got that D



(Sent Saturday at 11:53 PM)

You know what, you are seriously such a fuckin' bitch ass, loser, motherfucker

You got over me? Yeah, you got the fuck over me

Cause you fuckin' another fuckin' bitch

(End of message)

(Next message)

I'm sorry that I'm crying right now

But I'm drunk, and

(End of message)

(Next message)

This is bullshit, because you found

A new perfect girl for you


Wassup, in your world?

Wassup - wassup, in your world?


Iggy Azalea - Just Askin' – текст

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