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A drowning man will always try to bring you down with him

In a sea of treachery you surely cannot swim

Not a leg to stand on, he's got deception inside of him

Picking at the scabs of trust: it will never heal


You are trapped in your web of lies

Can't break fee

Eternal despise

Cut your own throat and bleed on me watch the others run

There's no saving a man that sets himself up to be burned

No turning back now, you are already gone

Let us watch your body, as it crumbles into dust


[Solo - Sanchez]

[Solo - Chavez]

I'm so sorry for laughing at you when I saw you hit the ground

Always knew I's be the one on top, looking down

There are so many things you just could not wrap your mind around

Take a look at yourself...you'd see who's the fool


HAVOK - Scabs Of Trust – текст

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