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[Verse 1:]

Who would dare, try to bare, weather so cold

Summer fair, couldn't help, water so froze

He pushed your heart, when he left you all alone

Baby I wish you could remember


You used to be, happy but now love is the enemy

Tired cause you give him all your energy

He left you in the past, but I'm here to bring you back

Cause girl I know that...


Your world was frozen over, he said it's over

He left you broken, but I'm here to show you

I can change you back, this is where it's at

Just leave it up to me, your heart don't have to be

Frozen, frozen...

Frozen, frozen...

Just leave it up to me, girl your heart don't have to be

Frozen, frozen...

[Verse 2:]

The winter air, never felt, quite this cold

How many tears, lead before, you could move on

I'll be your sun, baby I'll keep you so warm

I really wish you could remember




I can save you from yourself

Girl it's obvious that you're in pain

And you're calling out for help

Baby if you just trust me

[Verse 3:]

I'll show you how, I can make it better, girl you brighter now

If you stay with me, I'll make your problems melt away

Anytime you call me baby, I'll be on my way

So you don't have to say


Ginuwine - Frozen – текст

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