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[50 Cent:]

You gotta love it

(You got to be good to me)

Yea you gotta figure out how to make me feel special

(I'm going be good to you)

And I'll be good to you

I'll treat you how you need to be treated

(You got to be good to me)

You got to be all I need you to be baby

(I'm going be good to you)

And I'll make you feel like OHH MY GOD

[50 Cent:]

I'm a 360 nigga, 730 all the way dirty

I got that burner on me now, you heard me

Tasted the good life twice, rap and shooting dice

Hell naw, I ain't put my head between her legs

Smelled like a philly wood grain

Bitch I'm balling, in a Bentley continental see bitch I'm hauling

You got to want to win like I want to win and do things my way

If not I'll put your ass out on the highway

I'm a bad judge of character, I know that shit

Man time don't fly when you fuck with the wrong bitch

I mean damn why you come to me bitch

What you want from me bitch

You're like the boogey man, your haunting me bitch

I give you money, you spend that, and come back

Like you need a new stack

I'm puzzled now, how the fuck you blow that

You got a nigga on the side, well you should have him full time

Go fuck up his shit instead of mine

[50 Cent:]

Go get, punk bitch

(You got to be good to me)

I don't need you round here, no way

A mufuckin headache, you understand what I'm saying

(I'm going be good to you)

Look my motherfucking head hurts right now cause of your punk ass

Bitch, why don't you find something constructive to do

(You got to be good to me)


G-Go on kill yourself

(I'm going be good to you)

Go on to the bathroom, open the cabinet, and eat the pills

[Lloyd Banks:]

She loves you when your paper thick

It looks like your making it

In and out the town fresh, Audi R8'ing it

Freak fest, south beach, mardi gras taping it

In the club balling on my party hard take and shit

V.I.P.'ing on her, you ain't even got a place to sit

Smoking piff, you'll cough, every time you take a hit

Well mama got me stuck, look how she shake her hip

She ain't used to this shit but I'm a make it fit

She wants a sex drive, she wants a new one

I'll do you one better, I won't cum 'til you cum

A joint account'll turn one bum to two bums

Dealing with a chick that can't even walk and chew gum

Money don't solve the problems, it prolongs it

You don't want things to get better, you just want shit

Ain't nobody happy bout me and you, they all sick

Bitch you had swagger, but mine reinforced it

Everything you had lost it

[50 Cent:]

Man, you should be happy you got rid of that bitch man

(You got to be good to me)

She wasn't even worth the shoes she walked out in

(I'm going be good to you)

I know you want the mufucking shoes back

Them mufuckers were hot man

I ain't going to front

Fin' tell my bitch

(You got to be good to me)

"Man you need to get you a pair of those shoes man, Banks said those things looking good"

(I'm going be good to you)

I'm a real nigga, Tonys that bitch nigga, how much money you got nigga

[Tony Yayo:]

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's super nigga

With 5 acres and a mule and the coupe is bigger

You gone trip on that hoe, you a stupid nigga

I'm a P.I.M.P. not cupid nigga

Hoe pimping all day bitch, this ain't a hobby

My name Tony, not Paul McCartney

I'm in a 7 star suite, Dutchin' my haze

Remote in my hand, model bitch on my mate

Baby girl want Chloe and Fende spars

She wants to fly to L.A. and live like a star

She wants to eat lobster and caviar

But we eat Burger King and we fuck in the car

I'll be far from your friend and your lover

I hit a bitch off, drop her off, and burn rubber

Pull out the rubber, can't get a dime, it's bad enough Uncle Sam trying to take mine


[50 Cent:]

Damn nigga, a bitch can't even get a pair of shoes

(You got to be good to me)

Man you ain't going to be able to keep no bitch like that man

(I'm going be good to you)

I'll tell you, I started out the same way

I mean even in the projects

(You got to be good to me)

Bitch didn't pay attention for all that

Know what I'm talking about

(I'm going be good to you)

I started out like that too

Now I buy 'em whatever they want


G-Unit - Good to me – текст

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