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Baby, I love you..

I say this, but I don't feel good at all.

I want you, I need you.

I sing, but I don't know why I feel bad.

Who you?

Congratulations, you're already meeting someone new

I hope it works out, althought it's a bit early

If you're happy, that's all I want.

But I keep getting angry, baby who you?

Du du du du du du du du du

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Du du du du du du du du du

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Baby I miss you, why do I keep thinking about you?

I can't meet someone else, I don't want to

Whether I love you or hate you

I can't determine, everyday I'm still confused

I don't know why I feel bad, who you?

You keep showing up in front of me with your arms locked to his.

This isn't right, are you kidding me?

Oh my? Enough is enough.

A pair of dirty flowers bloomed by the street

Instead of the expensive purse that I couldn't get you

Instead of shoes I brought a pillow, wet with tears

Why are you happy while I'm unfortunate?

Who you?

Du du du du du du du du du du

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Du du du du du du du du du du

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Baby, I just want you back

I want you back, I want you back

Baby, I know it's too late

It's just too late, it's just too late [x2]

I pray for fight, pray for a break-up

I always pray for you to come back to me

Every neighborhoods, every street

I visit and tell people that you two aren't doing well

So lame and loser-ish, I've always been a loser

I didn't know, you're the same, you bad girl

I will treat you better, will you meet me?

I won't bother you, will you please come back to me?

Baby I hate you.

Baby I love you.

Ma baby hate you

Baby love you du du du du du

Who you?

G-Dragon - Who You? – текст

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