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[Intro - Trey Songz]

Track's so phenominal I'm 'bout to spit venom

I'd like to thank Phenom


[Verse 1 - Trey Songz]

You see I'm something like a player

But mamma may I

Get down on my knees

And say a prayer

Cos your body's a blessing

Yeah I love it I want it I need it

And I ain't happy til I hit it and get it succeed it

You know I'm hungry as a mother fucker

What'd you feed him

I'm on a bad bitch diet

You niggas should try it

Higher than a pilot

Tryna see how high the sky

Get whoever said the sky is the limit's on some lie shit

Cos I'm looking down at it

You looking ass backwards

Everything I have is everything that he is lacking

Baby you are so attractive

You the baddest

All I wanna know is can I may I have it


Mamma may I

Can I bite off all the peas

You look edible to me

I'd like to have you with my coffee, sugar

Mama can I call you Billie Jean

Cos the girl is not my lover but my love is what she needs

May I

Show you what you missing

May I

Girl I know you different

You got me thinking saying baby may I

May I...

[Verse 2 - Fabolous:]

Now I tried to ask politely

Cos they love when I say nice

But that nice shit don't excite me

She say pull it she say bite me she say grab it hold it tightly

And so rightly I be tryna tear that mother fucker up

Give it to you rough still be the smoothed around

Feed you Ciroc til the moon start moving 'em round

You wanna act like a nun I'ma prove that you down

The nuns be them ones you seen that movie The Town

So may I take a couple steps forward

If the bad bitches had a crew you would rep for it

You could give me top quiz girl I'm prepped for it

When them other chicks died baby girl just kept going

Dat's that Energizer bunny put my face in it I be Pooh Bear for you honey

Them niggas are a joke I told her don't be fucking funny

And the kush clouds got the room looking partly sunny


[Verse 3 - Trey Songz:]

Yeah they say I'm rapping like Wayne, Jay and Kanye

Where's Amber Rose told them I don't know they

So mind your fucking business I know Trey does

But I would still hit it shit nigga Kanye shrug

Gotta hit a gaylor but my tux don't fit me

Told my style is get it Taylor baby do it swiftly

Puerto Rican Rum out in Jamaica feeling tipsy

She know I'm doing well I make a fortune so she tell her friends gypsy

Pockets on catch me if you can come and get me

Bitch this is my moment you can catch me on demand

If you missed me from Japan back to Whiff Street

Any place I wanna go what the f0ck

AKA for envelope it's Trigga 'n' that's the way your woman lick me

Life is but a dream man somebody come and pinch me

I am such a feen this rap shit is so addictive

I ain't even gotta say why it's over though may I

May I may I

Fabolous и Trey Songz - May I – текст

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