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I've been thinking

Since we're talking

The situations bugging me, I'm reminiscing

Confusion's cruising

Teasing can be pleasing when you're in control

But there're things to be done before we can love on


Believers believe in me, in my vibe

My heart's occupied

Believers believe in me, in my vibe

My heart's occupied

Hey baby I can't sleep till the sunset rises

Tranquillity is gliding

I am satisfied with vocalising rushing me

You don't understand that you're flushing me

This is not a faze that's gonna fade away

Chemistry that's compounding will be there surrounding


Taking out time to let you know there's no game sugar cane

I'll keep my inspiration burning everyday

Chemistry is around, oh-oh

Hear me, baby, that believers believe in me

Try to relate I must create

In my vibe

Believers believe in me

Believing in me believe in me, believe in me


I'm gonna be where I wanna be

No action or distraction

Yeah break or make

I'll follow faith

Reviving, I'm vibing

Yeah smiling

Believing, believing

I'm gonna be where I wanna be

Believers believing in me.

DVJ Bazuka - BAZ - Believers – текст

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