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It's for my mans, gettin'paper off these streets, Awww,

It's for my hustlaz, on the way to get rich, Awww,

It's for my dawgz, that be movin' bricks, Awww,

Empty out, clips out, All-in for the chips, Awww!

Yessir! I'm just doin' my thing,

shawty suckin' my dick, now watchin' myself on Top 10!

I did in one year what these suckers did in ten,

I got them haters hurting please send' em ambulance!

And Yessir! I'm fresh out the box,

fresh out the oven, brand new to my socks!

All them ladies, they love it, pinky ring with the rocks,

all them gangstas, they love it, middle finger to cops!

And yessir! I got a mental problem,

but everybody on my dick like a condom!

No, no bitch, you can't get a dollar,

It's different type of milk here, I'm not your baby father!

Aww, yes that hurts!

For my dick in her mouth, now she got no words!

That's how I leave'em speechless, dig this,

she knows I got a wife and my wife knows my mistress!



Yeah i'm doin it BIG!

Yeah i'm doin it BIG!

Yessir! I heard them talkin shit,

keep shitin' out their mouths see how grimey i'm gon get!

Can't believe that's the same mouth that they kiss their poor kids,

give' em toilet paper let them wipe their fuckin' lips!

Swag sick, feelin' bad for them cuz I dip my dick deep down a bitch,

and the bitch bring another bitch, I got a famous dick, ain't that a bitch?

I'm ill, pop a pill. Goin'to work, Meek Mill.

I'm ill, pop a pill. Wake up, go out, Kill Bill!

Yeah bitch I'm Tarantiono, world is mine like Al Pachino,

bring my heat like Robert De Niro, cold hearted, Sub Zero!

Watchin' mine and you know, we go, and your world like a brown needle,

Feed you to the fish, find Nemo, head cracks streight C Lo!

I know, I know, I know, I know why they mad at me,

I got what they want bitch, I'm the fuckin' recipe!

Go hard, Viagra, flow so fuckin' sick,

and them haters soft like an old man's dick!

Yeah I'm doin' it big !

Yeah I'm doin' it BIG !

Yeah I'm doin' it BIG !

Yeah I'm doin' it BIG !

Yeah I'm doin' it BIG !

Dee - Yessir electro remix – текст
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