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She said love, i guess love is not enough.

And what about us? She said these things i must do first.

And what about me? She said i need some time to breathe.

And what about me? You want out, so watch you leave.

I said baby, what you know about love..

You actin' crazy , like you don't give a fuck.

God Damn my lady, you actin' like a slut.

And then she blaze me , that she actin' like a slut.

First i love her, then i hate her.

She said she left me, because i made her,

Ye i played her, i fucked another bitch im betrayer.

O Ye i fucked her, and all because i thought i was a sucker.

So i see myself fallin', im fallin',

im fallin in inlove with you.

Then im going , im going,

im going not to love with you.

So im sittin' here, feeling like a fool.

It was best for her, like a real man should.

And if she happy, then its all good,

i guess its cool.

Hold on. Am i supposed to be cool with it,

you take my heart and then live with it?

Give it back, bitch you dont need it,

if you ain't do it , then who did it ?

Then who got it, and where is that,

just ask me that, cuz' i want it back.

What the fuck is you ? Some type of heart collector?

What the fuck i need some time to heart protector.

She keep comin' back like a terminator,

Im like: Damn dogg you need a terminator,

Im like: Damn DEE thats is how i let her,

first i love her, now i hate her.

Dee - Faliin' – текст

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