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Volunteer Pt 1

If you draw a line

You will find It will never end

You are here

A Volunteer


Our love comes in waves

Our love can soothe the souls of those who can’t be saved

My heart consumed with rage

Now rests in peace with those who knew the golden age

You can live or die

You will go where you decide

We are our best defense

You can kick and scream or plan in silence

You must speak your truth

It all comes down to you and only you

You can’t let go

You are the warning baby don’t you know

You are the warning

You will have to break my will and strike me down

Couldn’t Stop Caring

I could see the signs

She was fixed to fly

It’s always better fought than won

For those not afraid to die

I couldn’t stop couldn’t stop stop it

Caring started it

I can’t stop it

Caring started it

I can’t stop it

Caring started it

I can’t stop it

I believe it’s too late

I can’t stop it

It’s all the same

She takes the world

And I take the blame

It’s all the same

She wants to drown

And I break the chain

It’s all for you

You get the change and I give the truth

It’s all for you

Take it to depths they never knew

I couldn’t stop couldn’t stop stop caring

Shot down

She’s coming like a hurricane

Shot down

She’s in love with the pain

I couldn’t stop couldn’t stop stop caring

Aching To Live

Sound on the wire

Bathe in the light

There is a world making angels in the night

Fold back the sheath

There’s life underneath

There is a world making angels out of grief

Hide in the cracks

Prepare for attack

There is a world taking all its angels back

Floating away

Drift into space

Bound by no time or place

Fly free

Allow yourself to see

All roads are one way

Never alone, always they’re near

You now are clear

A volunteer

You will feel it

Perfect by design

The truth is too divine

Words will fail you

Closer to your faith

We can be saved

It’s all to give

When you’re aching to live again

Into the sky

We can not die

The Lightness

Touch down

I can’t get settled in

Face down

It’s how we all begin

I wont give in

If you don’t give up

They think they’ll win

But that day will never come

I’m never going back to live with tethered rage

I’ll never let them put my wings inside a cage

Given up given up what came before this

I’m gonna live gonna live inside the lightness

Both feet we packed the lightest heat

Head strong we know we can’t be wrong

I’m gonna live gonna live inside the lightness

I know that nothing else is like this

I’m gonna live gonna live inside the lightness

Your Enemy

Pay attention

New religion

Ya you know I believe it

All before us

Can’t destroy us

You oughta know I believe

No fire no blade no bullet no stone

You’ll never get away with what I own

I can be your enemy

Comin in comin in comin strong

Pushing too hard to admit it’s wrong

I can be your enemy

You oughta know I believe it

Ya you know I believe it

I will be your enemy

Look at me look at me look at me now

You stand your ground but you’re in my house

I will be your enemy

Nowhere to run and nothing to lose

Damned if we don’t and damned if we do

I will be your enemy

What am I seeing

What am I breathing

We’re all just beings

Sorting it out

Holy darkness dragging truth of love and hate

You are me and I am you

I am not your enemy

A Simple Plan

I’m addicted to the tide

when it comes i close my eyes

I’m in line

I’m inside

I’m addicted to the day

We burn out and fade away

When it’s gone it won’t come back

A ll is black

I see the world bending

I can’t believe it’s real

I know it all is ending

And you can make it heal

What is this space we’re climbing

What is this place we’re stuck in

Why do we feel we’re sinking

How do we get out – get out of this

Here it comes it’s out to destroy us

I’ve got a simple plan

Here it comes it’s out for blood

Got to get out while we can

It all comes down it’s caving in

losing my sense of how long it’s been

I’m laying it down and letting it go

The truth arrived too slow

How long can we hold off ending

How long can we pretend we’re ok

No one goes on fighting it forever

I know I’m better this way

My Heart Wants Blood

I give you more

I breathe your breath

I can’t exist on what is left

Electric eyes

My heart won’t bleed

I won’t survive


All the same

There’s only so much space

And I’m to blame

I am beneath your grace

All the same

I now release you as I should

But all the same

My heart wants blood

I can’t live any way you want for me

I can’t live any way you care to see

I can’t live

All the pain I ever knew

I can’t live

There’s nothing left, it’s all for you

I can’t live

With any dream of yours untrue

I can’t live

I blame myself for loving you

It’s all true

I blame myself for loving you


It’s a cold, cold february night

Gone are the days that go down without a fight

I hold this place for your return

Your soul in space, your body burned

I fear the worst, that it’s too late

Defeat this curse and wipe this slate

All is as it is on the needle on which I live

All is as it is

When the storms of ice came

And carried you away

You were swollen and worn

Bodies can break

To die in dark matter

And slip through its sieve

To overthrow demons and simply exist

And the fiercest love and all it’s power

Can not return to before the hour

And bring song to a bird

I live for you my valentine

The lights can fade but you still shine

Volunteer Pt 2

All the openings

Require growing wings

Only falling from the sky

We learn to fly

You are free, you’ve been released

All the pain has finally ceased

On fields of air

You’ve come prepared

You are here, a volunteer

Couldn't Stop Caring – текст

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