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[originally performed by Otis Redding]

O, she may be weary

Them young girls, they do get weary

Wearin that same old shaggy dress

O, when she gets weary, try a little Tenderness

You know shes waiting, just anticipating

For the things she'll never posses

While she's there waiting

Try, o just a little, o just a little little little tenderness

That's what I said, a little tenderness

It's' All you gotta do

It's not, ha, oo just sentimental, no

She has, she has, she has

Her griefs and cares

But the soft words spoke so gentle, yea

And it makes it easier, easier

To bare

You won't regret it no

Them young girls, they don't forget it

Love is their own, their own, happiness

But it's all, it's all, so simple now

All you gotta do is try a little tenderness

Won't you show her won't her, won't you show her that you love her

You wanna squeeze her, don't tease her, neva leave her

You got want to want to just try a little tenderness

You gotta show her that you want it, now one above her now

Squeeze her, don't tease her, neva leave her

Hold her, grab her softly now

And try a little tenderness

You ota listen to me, don't leave

Don't cheat her now

Squeeze her, don't cheat her, neva leave her

Gotta show her na na na heeyyyyyy hey!

You got to know what to do, don't be a fool

You need to try this now

Just try a little tenderness

Take it from me you don't wanna let her leave

Squeeze her, don't tease, neva leave

You got to want to try, juss try, juss try, a little tenderness

Is there a witness in the building tonight

You gotta want to want to try, just try a little tenderness

Try a little tenderness

Squeeze her, don't tease her, neva leave her

Hold her, grab her softly now

Just try a little...

Chris Brown - Try A Little Tenderness – текст

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