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Hey shawty lil mama come here are you tryna take a ride wit me

Twerk somethin' shake a lil bit shake a lil bit bit for me

Stop frontin' cuz you know you really want this

So when I get up on you doe you gotta show (how low can you go)

No need for the games and teasin'

Come up out them vicky secrets

If I lick on ya neck down down to your belly button girl would you let me see it

Oh oh if I give it to you will you throw it back

Everytime I hit it hit it from the back

I wanna pull ur hair but I know they tracks


Nice and slow one on one

You on all fours girl that's all I want

So shake somethin somethin shake somethin somethin for me [x2]


How low can you go [x8]

Go low l-lower than you know [x3]

Lower than you know l-lower than you know

Got her on deck for the weekend

She black and puerto rican

Got a friend who's persian

But both of them be freakin'

But when I'm all up in it

I don't I don't know what they be speakin

Even though they speakin english I can't tell through all the screamin

Like yeah!

And all I see is booty everywhere

Cuz shawty got an ass from here to there yeah

Ill supply the pole and you jus drop it low



Excuse me big booty judy

My doors go up on my car so hop up in my 2 seat

No your not a groupie

Go ahead seduce me

Drop it low bring it down girl let's make a movie



Chris Brown - How Low Can You Go – текст

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