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Feels so good - Doesn't it

You feel that - hehe damn!

I feel like the luckiest man alive

I'm working up to the top like buttoning up your fly

I'm lucky enough to ride

Brothers right by my side

Got nothing to break my stride

I'm covering up my eyes

I keep it going even though

People know me to move kind of slow

But the truth to be told

I'm not in any hurry to get anywhere, man

Ratracing through your life won't get you anywhere, man

shieet, I relax every chance that I get giving

Chilling just like a blizzard - going right through your building

I'm willing and able to learn from mistakes

To let got of the pride, let it burn on the stake

It's just the way I was raised

There really ain't no change in my ways, man

I lay back in the sun with the radio playing

And save a couple of rays for the rainier days

I can't stray now

Don't let me lose faith now

Can't let it all breakdown

I won't lay down

Can't let it all fade out

Won't let it all breakdown

I must be the luckiest man alive

So many people around are stuck in a nine-to-five

Just lucky to getting by

Hustling to survive

Customers in the eyes of the Fortune 500

Force you to buy something

You don't need to perceive with your life

With your goals and your dreams

It's a scheme to get your money

Keep it all circulating

The rich are getting rich

And some of them work for Satan

It's a fact man, I leave it to the cosmos

Others get religious, read it in the gospels

Either way, people pay for it in blood

Standing on the trenches face covered in mud

What a shame, what a waste of talent

So that others can drive a hummer

And others push a talent

And we all trying to balance the right and the wrong, man

Just like yours truly while writing this song

I can't stray now

Don't let me loose faith now

Can't let it all brake down

I won't lay down

Can't let it all fade now

Won't let it all brake now

X 3

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