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[Hook x2 -Annotate Chanel West Coast]

I've been on, I've been on

I've been on, I've been on

I've been on, I've been on

I've been on, I've been on

[Verse 1 - Chanel West Coast]

Love it or leave it, call me conceited

Putting in work, since I first heard 'Beat it'

Chumps just beat it, try won't see it

Music in my blood, yeah man I bleed it

All white Jimmy Choos, all night getting loose

We feel alright off the grey goose, haunt to the crowd like I'm Babe Ruth, uh-huh

I ain't stopping, big things popping, sick whips copping

Uh-huh, Thicke like Robin, too sick like we coughing

And I'm not the one, don't ever play me out with another one

You might be the top who just can't have won, so I'ma take off like a dish out the gun

Peel out in my new Benz, on my way to one though

Got some old and new friends, roll up cause we gon' smoke

[Pre-Hook - Chanel West Coast]

Let's set the record straight right now, I ball all day and they ask me how

You coming up, I been on top, sitting on these sons so I'm extra hot

Look boy, I been that show, roll up with me and I been that good

Bounce back, can we do that, everybody know me cause

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - French Montana]

Get on my level (level), get on my level (level)

Get on my level (level), get on my level (level)

Get on my level (level), get on my level (level)

Get on my level (level), get on my level (level)

My niggas ball out and drink 'till I fall out, when it's time to go hard, know I bring it all out

Got a body full of ink, bladder full of drank, Geeta in the field, Carter in the paint

That purple in the air, I'm smoking, spaceship sunroof open

Give a fuck about the hate, got a crib with a lake and a pocket full of cake, I'm focused, huh

Blue Mulsanne, twenty-two chains, couple bad bitches, doing group things

LV shoes, no shoes strings, and know we ball out, toke a lou thing

Smoke what I wanna (wanna), drink what I wanna (wanna)

You know I been on (on), and fuck what you thought, huh


[Hook x2]

Chanel West Coast - Been On Ft. French Montana – текст

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