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Ah.. ah… life, life, I’m living my life, life

Got a bitch with an ass so nice,

Night time taking off your tights

Have a G night, night, getting head on a flight flight

20 hour flight, I ain’t never been a hater motherf-cker I ain’t got no time

Young money like the lakers in their prime (prime prime prime)

Make money off a mother f-cking rhyme (rhyme rhyme rhyme)

T-Raw in the bitch like, with a bad bitch trying to get a ring in a prom (prom prom prom)

My swaggers is nice, word is bond she might not know my name, but she know my song

‘Really Raw’ Tyga dog, tiger blood I eat your heart out (out out out)

Lick my paws, Hannibal Lecter I’m so involved

Follow along, Jay Sean pass the patron,

We shining hard up in this motherf-cker


So hit the lights, lights, lights

So hit the lights, hit the lights

Tell them all, tell them tell them hard …

So hit the lights, lights, lights

So hit the lights, hit the lights

Tell them all, tell them tell them hard …

[Jay Sean]

Baby hold it and let me holla on the remix for a moment

So watch me kick it then i’m gonna flip this script and own it

To all the haters, I made it and I be balling (yeah I be balling)

Yeah I’m the motherf-cking man and I’ma brag and im glad that your listening to every word

So you can sit and analyze and think of every curse so you can try and describe what you think of this verse

So go ahead take your time and rewind it back, it wont change…?

So many million sales they be up on plaques, on the walls in my crib as of matter a fact


Yes it’s me, come all the way from overseas

Took that spot from the Black Eyed Peas

Number one billboard entry

Don’t get me started this ain’t no petty party

I’m hardly new to the game, I served my time in the army

Quarter of a billion views up on YouTube, U.K’s number one most viewed

Come out of the dark, I don’t mean to be rude

But it’s true somebody…


[Busta Rhymes]

Its Buss Rhymes baby

Back in the kitchen I’m cooking and I think you better listen

Look I hit them again, while I give it to them, a kick in the door

And I shook them again let me spit it to them, oh shit

Coming and going and I be running the show and I be knowing they knowing

And I be gunning and blowing and I be stitching and sewing up everything up in this bitch, let’s go

Everybody know that I’ma come and I’ma kill ‘em when we step up in the building

And you know that I’ma hit them, and I do it how I do it now I gotta get them, explosive

Every time I grab a microphone you know I must rep

Everybody know it ain’t a henny kill a dupstep

And I murder everything while becoming a suspect

Better hit the lights

Better know that I’ma come and I’ma run them off

You know it ain’t a secret bitch you f-cking with a boss

Bring me any bottle it don’t matter what it cost

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Yeah we got them wilding in the building right now

The king is up in here you better bring the right crown

Cause … you better turn the light now


Do you really think you really wanna test me

When you niggas know already who the best be

So I hang them then I cut them, I bang them then I shut them

Then i hit it up you know its only right

Then I’m gonna hit them in the front,

I Hit them in the back then I really think that people really need to see so..


[Cory Gunz]

Yeah Cash Money till the end of me

We family, he’s a friend of me

Make real nigga moves, you pretending to be

Get it like Lebron give it, can you get to me

Little nigger wanna … for the pay

Baby girl dug how nigga feel the day

Thugging in public while my broads say they love it

Couple of years back had pictures on my budget

My main chick ? on her stomach

see chief posse? thug runners?

Stunna man say it other niggas get done in

My team get to it, other niggas run from it

Tune got me touring the world that one hundred

Niggas did it all, still i ain’t done nothing

Jay Sean got us in the U.K gone

Gone nigga gone hit the stage strong

Watch what you say, long as the pay long

Niggas think im a joke get hit with the trey long

Word to Wayne i bet they herd the name

So he reserved the lane for me to start to flame

Taking the boat, we don’t take the plane

Hoe girl shake it, you deserve the change

All she really want is a few furs of fame

Pop champagne, Wear the chain

Nah me and T ain’t letting them wear the chain

Unless she likes all that with her brain

Bruce Lee flow on the track, clear the frame

Hood be the niggas since Wayne and Mac Maine

Tez Slim, the don and stunna man

YMCM that will never change

Tell them other niggas behave and act sane

?..begin right here is the action


Busta Rhymes и Jay Sean - YMCMB Heroes – текст

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