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Hold on tight beginners mind

The wheel is spinning too

Fast to make your move

The worst must be assumed

Oh how they'll try to pull and pry

Away what you know now

Beat and beat it out

Leave a drum that makes no sound

A snuff film on a jumbotron

For all the world to see

A cocktail napkin epitaph

Some psycho babel telegram

Message written in the sand

The tide rolls in

Swear you'll do the opposite

Of all those tangled hypocrites

Who say that the experiment has failed

Don't go there

You're getting nowhere

You're getting nowhere

Stay a while my inner child

I'd like to learn your tricks

Know what makes you tick

Nurse you when you're sick

Oh how you've grown so cynical

Hard lines carved in your face

The sunshine's so cliche

Just like love and pain

You tried your best the rorschach test

But there's just nothing to see

? hope terabytes the perfect pitch?

Some universal elegance

? stack the sound and then the fifth?

Along the bridge

Swear you'll be the opposite

Of all the stilted hypocrites

You know what made you infamous to them

Don't you

You keep starting over

Keep starting over

Hold on tight beginner's mind

The currents far too strong

It'll carry you along

Till you're just like everyone

Stay a while my inner child

I'd like to learn your trick

To know what make you tick

To nurse you when you're sick

Bright Eyes - Beginner's Mind – текст

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