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I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here

I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here

I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here

Big backyard with a house on the hill

Old school whip with some big ass rims

[Bridge x8]

Fuck these haters and fuck these hoes

[Verse 1]

Well I suppose niggas gon' hate on me

Well that's cool

I got shows, getting money I can barely fold

Cause that's what I do

And ain't nobody gon' pimp K-R-I-T

Yea, that's how I feel

And them diamond niggas always rhyming 'bout

It's against my will

And ain't nobody gon' check none of me or mine

In God I trust

If you think I'm out here tricking these hoes

You got me fucked up

And ain't no playing in the south, turn a bad bitch out

When I grab my pipes

Y'all niggas think this shit came oh so easy

It wasn't over night, but


[Bridge x8]

[Verse 2]

Now I suppose I'm doing quite alright

Ever since I blew

Never worry about me or worry about mine player

Worry about you

And ain't nobody gon' block my shine today

With the roof gone

I got a top notch bitch, you need something like this

But you gotta get your own

And ain't nobody gon' wreck this hard

When I'm traveling down the boulevard

Now they hollering out "Oh my God!"

Cause they never seen rims this large

That's country shit

Well that's cool cause I'm country, bitch

I never turn my back, I burn on wax

And stack my cash 'til I'm country rich, cause


[Bridge x8]

[Verse 3]

I got this here, I got this here

Chevys on that chrome

Living in my zone

'Til a player gone

I got this here, I got this here

Doing it how I feel

Doors open for hoes

Haters in my grill

I got this here, I got this here

Diamond in the back

Slamming on these doors

Trunk beat 'til it crack

I got this here, I got this here

Get it how I live

Smoking on that good

Cracking on my seal


[Bridge x8]

Big K.R.I.T. - I Got This – текст

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