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[Jessica (Ariana Grande):]

This video

Is the

Ultimate nerd fantasy

The only thing


Is a Darth Vader sex scene


I was children's TV star

Now I wanna be a mature artist


I'm not just for kids anymore

Nowadays Big Sean gets a piece of this

That's right

I'm dating the rapper you saw in

That video I did before


A black guy to break free

My good girl image was a bore

This song

Sounds like Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"

I've copied shit you heard before

"This Kiss" by Carly Rae Jepson

I ripped off this song even more

(more, more, more, more)

I am getting


In zero gravity, yeah

It's obvious

That I am just

Laying on a green screen, yeah

My show on Nickelodeon never would've let me shoot missle boobs

Now I show so much of my hot skin

Most people think they are watching Redtube

This is

The part in every dance video

We see the DJ turn some knobs

[Bart Baker (Zedd):]

I'm just

Pretending to do things

This is playing off my iPod

[GSnaps (Katy Perry):]

Hey bitch

Not only did you rip off my song

You took my projectile boob move

I'll teach

You to steal from Katy

You skinny dumb breast shooting noob


You're just

Jealous that I'm younger and hotter

Plus my voice is better than yours


Brand was smart to leave you


Now you're gonna hear me roar!

[King Bach (Big Sean):]

Hold up

Nobody shoots cream at my baby

Unless it is your boy, Big Sean


To feel the wrath of my

Massive projectile dong

Bart Baker - Break Free Parody – текст

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