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If I was a black man you would be my ho

Or maybe an Asian so we can eat egg rolls

I can be a Mexican and dress like a Cholo

But I'm just a white Canadian that looks like a lesbo

Saying swag is cool

Now I'll make a wish on these magic golden shoes

A gypsy sold them to me said they make wishes come true

Say hello to a negro in 3, 2, DAMN!

I want to be everything I'm not

That's why I say swag a lot

I wish I was a black man

So these big shoes would fit

Or maybe an Asian to explain my baby d&ck

I can be a Mexican, Selena told me so

But I'm just a white Canadian that looks like a lesbo

And it really blows

Yo, what's going on guys, can I hang with you?

Being a minority that's all I wanna do

I like to say swag, I heard you guys do too.

Why the f&ck your whispering

Get the hell out of her dude

Justin! Justin! I need to talk to Justin!

What's the deal doc, I was hangin' with my new friends.

I ran some tests, it turns out that your a girl man.

But I'm with Selena, does that make me a lesbian?


That explains why I can't find my c&ck!

It was just small I thought.

Turns out I'm your girlfriend.

Because I'm not a bro.

That's why we never had sex.

I've got nothing below.

I'm actually a lesbian.

The doctor told me so.

So if you wanna scissor, girl just let me know.

I'll scissor you for sure.

Now that I know that I am really a girl, don't wanna be a different race no more, just a lesbian.

[Mark Douglas:] Wait! I need to come clean. There's something about me that you don't know.

I am not a Lady, I didn't wanna say.

They would of kicked me off of Wizards of Waverly

[Bart Baker:]

If you're actually a man, does that mean I'm straight?

This is so damn confusing.

I thought that I was gay.

Can we scissor any way?

[Mark Douglas:] Okay.

Bart Baker - Boyfriend Parody – текст

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