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Madonna should quit


This song’s pure shit.

It’s child abuse for me to hear it.

The name of this song is so pitiful and classless

I thought it would make me seem hip to say the word bitch

Why are you acting like a teen when you’re fifty six?

Get off of me your breath smells like cigarettes and fish!

I like to kiss boys and party

You act like a teen wannabe!

You are not young!

This is getting embarrassing!

I act stupid I act young

This grill makes me look so dumb.

I should grow up and move on

But I don’t wanna

I asked all my famous buds to be in this like ‘Bad Blood’

nobody showed up bud duds like Rita Ora

I’m Rita Ora

(No your supposed to say my name!)

Nah I ain’t gonna

I want to stay hip so I did this song with Diplo

I spent ten minutes on it that’s why it’s so wack yo

The chorus breakdown I created with my butt hole

Ate a burrito and then I grabbed a microphone

This is the video’s best scene

Cos Madonna’s not on the screen

Just sock puppets

On no she’s coming back again!

I’m back.

I wouldn’t have shown up to be in this if you paid me

Ne–Neither would anyone else not Beyonce, Kanye or Katy

They-they all filmed their cameos far away in different cities

I was trying to copy ‘Bad Blood’

But you failed so damn bad it’s silly

No one wants to appear in this vid with you

It’s a flop on YouTube, despite lots of hype not many views.

It’s cos the music sounds just like a mosquito farting on mic plus the idiotic lyrics, I really can’t stand to hear it!

Everyone listen to me things here are not what they seem

She’s not who she claims to be

You are a liar!

I am trapped in her body that’s why she is acting fourteen

I am her and she is me

I am Madonna!

(What the hell is that horrible sound?)

Bart Baker Madonna Nicki Minaj Bitch I'm Madonna (Diplo)

Bart Baker Madonna Nicki Minaj Bitch I’m Madonna (Diplo)

Oh, sorry. I thought recording myself power drilling a wall would make this beat even more tackier.

OMG! I love it.

No, get lost, Diplo.

My bad.

As I was saying, she pulled a freaky Friday on me, we switched brains and now all my credibility is ruined.

All because of this childish song and video. You are in big trouble young lady.


Don’t you run from me, hey! Come back here, young lady!

But that tooth gap, yo!

Bart Baker - Bitch I'm Madonna Parody – текст

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