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Remember when I used to not totally suck?

My songs and videos were not pretentious and fucked up.

But then I lost my damn mind, now I am in a bird cage.

I've gone completely mad, I'm totally batshit insane.


I combined art and pop and made a flop,

Don't let your children watch this,

it will scare the poor things shitless.

I need attention constantly,

[Miley Cyrus portrayed by Bart Baker] Same with me!

[Amanda Bynes portrayed by Shane Dawson] And me!

[Justin Bieber portrayed by Bart Baker] And me, swag! [Spits on ground]

I've covered myself in blood,

I've worn a meat dress,

I've even convinced the world I had a penis.

My whole career is built on horrible gimmicks,

Instead of focusing on making good music.

All the stuff I do is for the fame,

like making a whole CD exploiting the gays.

I think I’m god’s gift to the human race

Now watch me smear random shit all over my face

I try way too hard to be seen as artistic

But it just makes me seem like a pathetic narcissist

One second I’m a woman suddenly I am a swan

You have no freakin’ idea how many drugs I am on

(A lot)

I am the definition of egotistic

She’s right I just looked it up and it shows her pic

I’m so conceited and smug I eat my own shit

Then I wash it down with a glass of Gaga piss

Everyone clap for me

Yes that is it!

Now you’re all under my spell I am a fame witch!

[Backup Dancers] Gaga you’re amazing, a true genius.

And nothing shocking you do is dumb and pointless.

[Gaga] Yes, it’s working.

I’m transforming, into a true fame monster!

Soon I will rule all the earth.

[Male backup dancer] Hey look, isn’t that Madonna?

[Madonna] Gaga is just a fraud, hold your applause.

She is just trying to be the new version of me, clearly.

I was the first attention whore.

Now it’s time to end this war!

Look at my magical jugs they’ll see you free.

Stop giving Gaga your love.

Save it for me.

[Gaga] Don’t listen to Madonna! Keep on clapping.

[Male backup dancer] Actually we’ve had enough, you’re getting boring.

[Madonna] The whole world’s sick of you, check this headline.

[Female backup dancer] Your last tweet was retweeted only 4 times.

[Madonna] Sorry Gaga, you’re through.

[Gaga] No this can’t be!

Please, I am begging all you, do not ignore me!

Oh no, what’s happening?

Bart Baker - Applause Parody – текст

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