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Look at you (you, you)

Is it true

Are you here on your own (on your own, on your own)

I've waited (and waited, and waited, and waited)

It's true - Down with the king

Fight, come and claim your throne, be the star of the show

Their envy can't hurt us

We're fast and they're dead

They're stuck marching

The march of the dead will go on

Oh remember me

Remember me

Remember me, yeah!

They'll die

Die by hands of heroes

We'll live a revolution of two

Look at me (me, me)

So obscene

I was once like you

I was scared just like you

They caught me, they tried to obtaim me - They failed

Now I'm running - Running straight in to their core

Let's declare war them war - Give them something to live for

On land and on water we'll win in the air

We're outnumbered

But we've got the bombs

We won't hide

Try... You can try

Bring it on

Never in their hands

Never by their laws

We're taking back control

Come on

Never in their hands

Never in their laws

We're taking back control

Just like snow (snow, snow )

Melts away and fades in our heat

They will fall by our feet

They'll beg us for mercy but mercy won't show

They will perish

We punish where punishments due

And by the next day you'll hear them walk away

We beat them but we could not save them

They're lost

They're still marching

The march of the dead will go on

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