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This shall be my final statement

This will not be the last you'll hear

This shall be my words in stone

The blindest of the blindest is hiding in you, my companion

The hate I feel has never changed and I doubt it ever will

When the world was to painful you had your eye lids sewn together

So the only world you see is the land inside you dreams


Mirror, mirror in my head

How I wish that you were dead

So unkind you twist my mind

Killing me - please set me free

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Say how deep just can I fall?

Until I cry or 'til I die

Or 'til I sell my soul to hell

I still hate you

I still hate you

Fuck all the things that you are

You fucking fool

You're a fucking scar

The foolish grin upon your face

Just go away


The life you lead, the lies you hide

The cold that keeps you safe from flames

It all disgusts me, makes me sick

How denial can be a virtue

I still hate you

I still hate you

I still hate you

I still hate you

Learning of the one and all

When all for one there's none at all

If all is one the "I", I know

Is you in me watching all else

The movements made is universe

In self no more than me

And we're all as doomed as the other!

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