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In the cool of the evening, when the fires start burning bright

Hear the twilight callin', as the flames burst into the night

It's creeping in your bloodstream... like a Metal disease

Underneath the streetlights, everything is larger than life

Ya hear the roar, see it gleaming like the edge on a switch-blade knife

A worldwide eruption... underneath your skin

Worldwide corruption... slowly seeping in,


It's a pandemic

It's a metal disease... pandemic

Brain cell abduction, creeping in like sin, it's a pandemic...

'A metal disease... pandemic

Brain cell destruction, breeding metal from within...


Give into the venom, circulating underneath the skin

Like mercury poison, liquid metal boils within

Spreading like a wildfire, burning up the earth

Caught in the crossfire, all around the world

There's no way to stop it now...


It's a pandemic

It's a metal disease... pandemic

Burnt in your hard drive, smokin' up the earth, like a Pandemic

A pandemic... it's a metal disease



Pandemic... wow, it's a metal disease

Pandemic... caught in the barbed wire, it's underneath the skin

it's a pandemic... it's a metal disease


It's creeping in your bloodstream

It's a pandemic!!!!!!!... it's a metal disease

Accept - Pandemic – текст

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