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I'm gonna take this chance to be up all night

I wanna fix this up just the way you like

I wanna shake the weight of the world, that's right

I gotta make the most of this old street light

And if you think I'm talking too much just tell me

If you need to change the pace then help me

We've got ten more minutes to go

I said, we've got ten more minutes before we go

[Mark: (Ref)]

There's no regrets

At least not yet

And it's safe to go

I heard it on the radio

So I'll take you home


You know I need somebody to love me yes

You know that I won’t settle for second best

We gotta live like that ignore the rest

So if they all go east, then we'll go west

You know I dance my life to a different beat

And I like it here on the edge my seat

And now the stage is set, and we're alone

Where we end up later, we don’t know


I take you home

Well, I take you home

And if it gets to crowded then may I suggest

That when they all go east then we'll go west

C'mon lets go, go, go

And where we end up, we dont know!

There's no regrets

At least not yet

And it's safe to go

And I heard it on the radio'


A1 - Take You Home – текст

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