Occupation(s) : Producer, DJ, Musical artist
Genres : chillout, drum & bass, dubstep, drumstep, trance, electronic, glitch hop
Agent : Monstercat, Liquicity, Seeking Blue, DNBR, Inertia, Spun Records, DLA Black, Nu Venture, Ring Mode, Artist Recordings
Web Site : More information


Rameses B (real name Rameses Booth) is a producer & musical artist from the UK who specializes in Drum & Bass and other forms of Electronic music. He made his debut on Monstercat with his song "Come & Go", which features Charlotte Haining and is included on Monstercat 011 - Revolution.
Rameses B has a huge selection of songs of various genres. From Sci-fi sounds to outer-space, liquid, ambient, emotional and piano music, Rameses B has music for everyone.

With a BTEC in Music technology & a degree in creative music & sound technology Rameses has a vast experience with audio & it's applications including sound for the moving image (film, games and TV). He is also a self-taught pianist and has been a music artist and producer since 2003, giving much time to experiment with various styles of music ranging from electronic, dance to cinematic and is constantly progressing with new musical ideas, fusing many of his influences together.

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Rameses B
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Rameses B



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