Born In : Paris
Genres : Hip hop, Electro
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Onra is a French hip-hop beatmaker, who lives in Paris. Onra’s real name is Arnaud Bernard. Onra’s style varies from Oriental Music to Funk, R’n’B and Electronic. All in all, it’s a complecated mix.

Onra’s genders are Instrumental Hip Hop, Synth Funk, Experimental Hip Hop.

Onra is a Member of Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo.

Today, Onra lives in Paris.

Biography of Onra

Onra or Arnaud Bernard – his birthname, was born in 1981 in Trier, Germany. His parents were French, even though his father has Vietnamese roots.

When he was 3 years old, his family moved to France. Not long after that,  Onra lived mostly in France, because of his mother’s work.

When Onra was 10, he found his love for music. He had started making music when he turned 19. Around 2000 Onra decided to study and moved in Paris. And 6 years later he had graduated in the Marketing field. Also, Onra had intentions to make personal label record.

In 2006 came the time for his first album, which was together with Quetzal – a producer and a friend of him.

Also, Onra started to colarobare with Byron the Aquarius from Alabama. He was a keyboard player  and together they made an album, called “The Big Payback” in 2007.

Also, again in 2006 Onra traveled to Vietnam and came back with 30 Chinese and Vietnamese records (60’s and 70’s). Then, he had a collection with 32 unique tracks, which he named Chinoiseries.

Onra was chosen to attent the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008. After short period of time, he had started touring across Asia, Australia, USA and Europe.

Onra’s albums

  • Chinoiseries – 2007
  • Long Distance – 2010
  • Chinoiseries Pt. 2 – 2011
  • Fundamentals – 2015
  • Chinoiseries Pt. 3 – 2017

The most famous Onra’s mixes are: Throw’Em Up from 2016, The Crucial Mix – Onra and Fitz Ambrose from 2017, and Xclusive G-Funk Mix – Onra and Ambrose, 2017.



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