Artist Birtday : 14/11/1994 (Age 24)
Born In : Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s) : pop rock band
Genres : pop rock, funk rock, dance-pop, blue-eyed soul, neo soul
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Maroon 5 is a famous American rock band from LA, California. The band became famous in 1994 when they first came together to the world known as Kara's Flowers, while they were still high-school students.

The first band self-released album was called We Like Digging?, and then in 1997 The Fourth World. It was not a huge success and for some time tha band was on hold.

Later, they had decided to change the name of the band into Maroon 5 – around 2001 in order to have a fresh new start. The reason why they picked that certain name is unclear. Some people think that it was inspired by a fictional band, called Yellow 5, but still, we can't be sure.

Maroon 5 members are: Adam Levine – the lead singer, Jesse Carmichael – the keyboardist, Mickey Madden – the bass player, the drummer - Ryan Dusick and lead guitarist James Valentine. 

After the changes of the band's name, they signed contracts with J Records, Octone Records. After that, they released the debut album as Maroon 5, called Songs About Jane. This happened in June, 2002., Harder to Breathe, the lead single of the album, became very popular and moved the album to sixth place on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2004 the album became platinuim. In 2005 the band had a huge success winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

The next few years were very successful for the band – they toured worldwide and produced a few life records such as:Friday the 13th, Acoustic and others. Dusick left the group in 2006 after suffering from a serious wrist and shoulder injuries. He was replaced by Matt Flynn. The seond album of Maroon 5 showed up in May, 2007 and it was called It Won't be Soon Before Long. The lead single Makes me wonder become Maroon 5's first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Influence and musical style, themes and inspiration of Maroon 5

Maroon 5's songs are often accompanied by piano or synthesizer, they are very guitar-heavy. Most of the time the themes are about love, mostly lost love such in the singles This Love, Makes Me Wonder, Misery. The interesting about those songs is the cunical tone, most of the time becase of an expressed dissatisfaction with a relationship. There are also very emotional songs like “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and “She Will Be Loved”, which express the romantic side of a relationship.

Discography during the years as Maroon 5

Songs About Jane - 2002-2006

The debut studio album of Maroon 5 is Songs About Jane, which was released on June 25, 2002 by Octone and J Records and  it became a hit  thanks to five singles that attained chart success. On October 14, 2003 the album was re-relased tittled as A Few Songs About Jane and became a huge international success. After that, Maroon 5's style had changed from album to album. Songs about Jane was inspired by Adam Levine's ex-girlfriends – Jane Herman.

It Won't Be Soon Before Long - 2006-2008

In “It Won't Be Soon Begore Long” the songs are not that personal, they are more electric and there is more synthesizers. All of this create a retro feeling of the songs. The name of the second album was inspired by a phrase the band adopted to keep themselves motivated during their toor. The album

contains 12 songs and 6 bonus tracks some of them are:  "Makes Me Wonder", "Wake Up Call",

"Won't Go Home Without You","If I Never See Your Face Again" featuring  Rihanna and many more.

Hand all Over - 2009-2011

The third album of Maroon 5 includes their summer hit "Moves like Jagger", The lead single, "Misery",  "Give a Little More" followed  by "Never Gonna Leave This Bed".

Continuing the band's lost love theme, along with songs about infatuation the third album, Hands All Over showed up at the right time.  It was re-released in 2011. The hit single "Moves like Jagger", which was an electropop song which represents a drastic change in the band's sound, added more of a dance feeling.

Levined shares that this song was a huge risk, but he is glad tha everyone liked it.

Overexposed - 2012-2014

Overexposed came after the huge success of Hands all over. "Payphone", featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa also become a hit, followed by “Daylight”, “Love Somebody” and the second single “One more night”.

V (five) - 2014-2016

V is five, the next hit album of the American rock band Maroon 5.

The first week after the release, 164, 000 copies were sold.

The album have three single hits: Maps, Animals and Sugar, which became 6,3 and 2 in Bilboard's chart Hot 100.

Red Pill Blues - 2017

The six studio album of Maroon 5 was released on 3 November, 2017. This album is supported by the lead single "What Lovers Do", featuring American singer SZA.

Band Members during the years

guitar (1994–present), lead guitar (1994–1998), lead vocals – Adam Levine

backing vocals (1994–2012, 2014–present), piano,  rhythm guitar, keyboards  - Jesse Carmichael

bass (1994–present) – Mickey Madden

backing vocals, lead guitar, (2001–present) – James Valentine

percussion (2006–present; touring member 2004–2006), drums  – Matt Flynn

piano, backing vocals (2012–present; touring member 2010–2012) keyboards  – PJ Morton

synthesizers, guitar,  bass, MPC, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (2016–present; touring member 2012–2016) – Sam Farrar

Maroon 5 have won:

  • 3 Grammy Awards
  • 3 American Music Awards
  • 4 Billboard Music Awards
  • 5 Teen Choice Awards

In 2004  during the World Music Awards,  the group won the award for "World's Best New Group".

In 2012, Maroon 5 won the People's Choice award for Favorite Band.

Maroon 5
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