Artist Birtday : 11/05/1988 (Age 30)
Born In : Sofia
Occupation(s) : rapper, singer, producer
Genres : rap, hip hop, r&b
Agent : Facing The Sun, Adamand Records
Web Site : More information

Kristian Talev, famous by his stage name Krisko, is a Bulgarian rapper, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Born in 11 May 1988 in Sofia - Bulgaria, but raised in Gabrovo. Currently owns Krisko Beats studio, where he creates both his own projects and those of rising artists. Krisko has over 50 songs and continues to release new hits every year.

His musical career started in his childhood years in musical performances and shows. In 2005 he began writing his pop, r&b and especially hip-hop songs, and later on he enrolled to study toning at the New Bulgarian University. He also works as a DJ and tuner.

His clips and lyrics are kind of scandalous., with attractive and easy to remember text. He is very popular, especially among the younger audience.

Krisko has many music awards, some of which at BG Radio - "Song of the Year", with the song "And You Can’t Stop Me" - together with Miro and Divna.

In 2015, Krisko is a jury of the Bulgarian X Factor, also starring in the show "Like two drops of water".

In 2016 he founded his own music company - Adamand Records, together with Kiril Kirov - Kiko. Their debut song is Voodoo Doll, with the young pop singer Tita.

Krisko (Kristian Talev)
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